Global Teams was developed to expose youth to social injustices, facilitate the development of cross-cultural relationships, embed youth in the heart of other cultures and push them outside of their comfort zones.  

We recognize that learning outside ones comfort zone creates a state of vulnerability which helps one truly understand life without the privileges and luxuries of home while developing a great sense of compassion for the poor. Each team in the program travels to a Global partner where they build relationships, gain new understandings, share stories, and participate in long-term community development initiatives with grass-root organizations.

Global Teams is one element of our mission to provide education and to inspire action. We work for youth to gain a better understanding of their world and to empower them to continue their journey at home and abroad.  We encourage participants to share their experience with others, sustain cross-cultural relationships built and stay connected to the Global community.  In this way, we are able to foster long-term relationships and catalyze new projects.