Supporting world-wide Indigenous solidarity and social justice education. 

Our Mission

To empower and strengthen Indigenous communities through traditional land-based education, food sovereignty, and solidarity networks. 

Our Vision

By bringing diverse groups together to learn from each-other about social justice issues, both local and international, Global hopes to create harmonious spaces of renewed relationships. 

Our Values

Global values strong interconnected relationships built on reciprocity, honesty, humility and respect. We carry this relationship with all plants, animals, people and land. 

"Understanding multiple ways of knowing is key to reconciling differences and finding common ground."
- Robyn Plunkett, Global Alumni

Our Focus

Land-based Education

Global focuses on holistic practices of knowing the land and how it cares for us. We facilitate workshops, wild walks, summer camps, and educational gardens to connect us with the land we call home.    

Food Sovereignty

Food sovereignty, as defined by the Declaration of Atitlan, is the right of Peoples to define their own policies and strategies for sustainable production, distribution, and consumption of food, with respect for their own cultural systems. 

Global focuses on Urban Indigenous Food sovereignty. We are involved with several other Indigenous Organizations, together we are creating strategies and making policies for culturally relevant production, distribution and consumption practices. 


Solidarity is rooted in/begins in relationship. It means caring for one-another, respecting our similarities as well as our differences, and committing to take actions which create space for each-other.     

Global focuses on solidarity that extends past human relationship. We foster connections between diverse groups of people committed to being in solidarity with each-other, our land, and all those we share our land with. We host community socials, run blanket workshops and mentor-ship programs, and lead educational youth trips in order to create solidarity networks and learn from each-other.